Unlimited Local Advertising

Best NEWS Local® was created to allow local merchants the opportunity to promote & market their business, without being pushed down or out by large media and big corporate.

Best Local News

Get your company news, specials, discounts, and information out to your local market.

Build relevance, and be in front of the people who are looking for what you offer.

Stop being the afterthought with those who you are looking to reach and serve.

You won’t need to wonder if your advertising dollars are being spent wisely.

Made for small businesses, in an effort to help build and/or recover your customers.

The missing puzzle piece between the front door of your business, and being found online.


How It Works


Simple & Affordable Pricing

A Truly Simple Process

Publish Easily

Blog Driven

When you publish to your website blog, our software automatically syndicates to our network. No extra effort is needed on your part.

All We Need Is Your RSS Feed

Our technology is designed to pull your information into your respective markets, by pulling information from your RSS feed, automatically.

Syndicated Further

Our sites publish automatically to Google News, Apple News, Bing/Yahoo News, and Facebook News. These networks help get your message in front of those looking for you, at no additional cost. It’s part of being in our network, and will help you be found.

"This is so simple. I don't have to do anything more than what I'm already doing."

Chris Elmquist – Owner, The Furniture Specialist

"I was having a hard time reaching local markets, and this solves that problem."

Randy Hamden – Owner, Udely

"This helps us get our clients on the map. The cost is a no brainer."

Sean Chaudhary – CEO, Alchemy Leads

"Getting to our local markets, is the cornerstone of our business model."

Len Potillo – CEO, TappinX

"I couldn't believe how much this increased my local sales."

Taira Soto – CEO, Great Doodles

"This makes my local marketing a breeze."

Kuli – CEO, Vido Consulting

"There is nothing else like this."

Margaret Downey – CEO, Hoffe & Associates

Laser Focused Press Releases

Guaranteed Placement

No need to hope and pray for location placement. Our network is owned by us, and we guarantee syndication to all url’s within your purchased market. You will never have to guess with what we do, because we’ve built an unbelievable engine.

Unparalleled Sites

We offer more sites in a single market, than most companies offer in a single national syndication. Our network provides immediate exposure to your brand. There is literally nothing like our product on the market, globally.

Low Cost Barrier To Entry

We built our company on the foundation of helping small businesses get seen, at a price point which no company in the world can compete with. We’ve passed our savings onto you.